This section provides information on Metlakatla’s treaty negotiations to both the general public and Metlakatla members. Please note, if you are a Metlakatla member, please log in or create an account so that you may access the confidential members-only pages. Members will have access to information on our Agreement in Principle, Constitution, and other treaty-related documents as they are released.

In this section you will find information on…

  • Treaty Mandate

    Why is Metlakatla in Treaty Negotiations?

    The mandate of the Treaty negotiation team is to represent the best interests of the Metlakatla Members during the treaty negotiations with the Province and Canada.  Our mandate, given to us by the Metlakatla people, is:

  • Treaty Board

    Metlakatla Treaty negotiations and annual planning processes are guided in part by our Treaty Board.

    The current board consists of Alrita Leask, Sandra Carlick, and Joycelynn Mitchell, and as the Chief Negotiator, Harold Leighton is the Board’s chair.

    Treaty Staff: refer to the staff profile page  

  • Treaty Process

    The Treaty Process has six stages…

    Stage One— Statement of Intent (SOI)

    The First Nation signs a statement of intent with the BC Treaty Commission to negotiate a treaty. Metlakatla first signed the SOI in 1990 as part of the Tsimshian Tribal Council.

    Stage Two— Preparations for Negotiations

    An initial meeting was held to exchange information, discuss research, identify main issues of concern, and determine the readiness of all parties to begin negotiations.

  • Treaty FAQ

    Have questions about how and why Metlakatla is negotiating a treaty? See the questions below for  answers to some common questions. 

    What is the reason for treaty?

    We are negotiating a treaty to protect our lands and resources, to build capacity, to create economic development opportunities, and to achieve self-government. All of this will leave a legacy for our children and help build a brighter future for all members.

  • Agreement in Principle

    This page is for members to access information regarding our Agreement in Principle, once a draft is ready to be shared with the membership.

    For now, please check out our Agreement in Principle Information Booklet that lays out the different sections of the Agreement in Principle and what it will mean for our people.

    Agreement in Principle – Information Booklet - COMING SOON!