Reserve Land Use Plan


The Metlakatla Land Use Planning process is underway. The Plan will guide land use, development and the protection of Metlakatla Reserve lands. It will identify land to accommodate our community’s needs such as housing, recreation, government services, community facilities, infrastructure and economic development. It will also identify areas of cultural and environmental significance that require protection.

The Land Use Plan will address Metlakatla’s 10 Reserves including:

  • S1/2 Timpsean 2 (3,279 hectares)
  • Wilnaskancaud (2.3 hectares)
  • Tugwell Island (126.2 hectares)
  • Avery Island (20.4 hectares)
  • Ruston Island (6.8 hectares)
  • Squaderee (2.2 hectares)
  • Edye Island (0.4 hectares)
  • Tuck Inlet (1.6 hectares)
  • Shoowahtlans (0.5 hectares)
  • Grassy Bay (8.34 hectares)

Over the next year the Lands Department, along with Planners from David Nairne + Associates (DNA), will work closely with the membership and the Lands Management Advisory Committee to develop the Metlakatla Land Use Plan. In addition to regular meetings with the Lands Management Advisory Committee, there will also be various opportunities - open houses, workshops, and surveys - for membership to get involved in the process. The final Metlakatla Land Use Plan will be formally reviewed by membership, prior to being recommended by Chief and Council, to be ratified by membership vote.


Please join the Lands Department to initiate the Metlakatla Land Use Plan. Our staff and planning consultants will be on hand to meet with you in Metlakatla on December 5 and in Prince Rupert on December 6 to launch this exciting process.

Metlakatla’s 10 Reserves vary significantly in terms of use, location and size. They include: several small remote Reserves used for harvesting, food gathering and staging areas for fishing; two Reserves within City of Prince Rupert boundaries, which lend themselves well to business opportunities; and, of course, Metlakatla Village. They all have one thing in common though – their importance both historically and as we grow as a Nation.

The first meetings will take place:

  • December 5– Metlakatla Community Hall, 4PM to 8PM
  • December 6 – Prince Rupert (Highliner Inn), 4PM to 8PM

The events will both include refreshments

Be part of the process!!

Contact Kiesha Pahl, Metlakatla Lands Clerk at 250-628-3234 ext. 2009 for more information.

Metlakatla Land Use Plan Project Timeline and Tasks