Exciting News from Metlakatla First Nation!

We are thrilled to announce an historic milestone for Metlakatla First Nation! On June 27, 2024, the Metlakatla Governing Council completed the purchase of an 8.32 acre oceanfront property, BLOCK A DL 2248 STEPHENS ISLAND, locally known as Squadaree.

This purchase comes following the passage of Bill 13 - The Land Title and Property Amendment Act, 2024, and Metlakatla First Nation has become the first First Nation government to purchase land under the new legislation in British Columbia. This landmark achievement is a cause for celebration as previously, discriminatory barriers hindered First Nations governments from directly engaging in land transactions without complex legal arrangements such as Treaties or establishing holdings companies. The amendments to the Property Law Act and the Land Title Act now empower Metlakatla, under federal law, to exercise full rights in acquiring and holding land at the B.C. land title office.

This purchase, symbolizes not only Metlakatla's perseverance, but also our commitment to overcoming historical challenges.