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As the number of cases and deaths related to COVID-19 continue to increase in the province, the Metlakatla Health Department would like to once again strongly encourage all Metlakatla residents to remain in the community and make use of the grocery and supply shopping and delivery services provided by the Health and Social Development Departments.

Click here to read the latest update from the Metlakatla First Nation regarding the COVID-19 virus.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note the following measures are in place in to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

The results of the Metlakatla Reserve Land Use Plan Ratification Vote, asking if members support the Metlakatla Reserve Land Use Plan and Associated Law, are as follows:
Total Ballots: 129
Yes: 76
No: 53
Spoiled Ballots: 0

The incoming Board of Directors of the Metlakatla Development Corporation is as follows:

Elected by shareholders: 
Kiesha Pahl and Karen Jeffrey

Appointed by the Metlakatla Governing Council: 
Miranda Leighton

Appointed by the Metlakatla Development Corporation Board of Directors:
Robert Nelson and Susan Nelson

Dear Metlakatla Members,

The Coastal Training Centre wants to hear from Metlakatla members living in the Prince Rupert area that want to obtain employment, but are unsure of what line of work they would like to get into.  The CTC is in the process of developing a Job Shadowing Program (Mentoring) for Metlakatla members that have just graduated, have never been employed or are not employed at this time.  We would like to hear from you regarding the type of work/employment/career you would like to explore.

Please see the below Notice of Annual General Meeting for the Metlakatla Development Corporation on November 21, 2019 at the Crest Hotel. Please RSVP to