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Metlakatla Fisheries would like to designate one or two fisherman to participate in a potential economic demonstration fishery that will follow the next Area 4 commercial gillnet salmon fishery.

Candidates must have their Fisher's Registration Card (FRC) in order to participate, the vessel can be a commercial or non-commercial FV. The vessel must be equipped with a revival box for non-allocated species.

Notice to band members and fishers:
Due to slow returns, Metlakatla Fisheries (MFP) will be distributing sockeye at the rate of 10 sockeye per member, and maximum of 40 per household, until abundance allows for distribution of the full allocation. MFP staff would like to remind fishers that the program is responsible for distribution, and there are still elders and members without fishing capacity that need to receive sockeye before moving onto other band members.

The Metlakatla Fisheries Department is undertaking food fish distribution and asks all members to please be patient and respectful of Metlakatla Fisheries staff. We will attempt to reach out to each member on the contact list, but are working to address the food fish needs of elders, members traveling from out-of-town and members without the ability to harvest their own food fish first.

Metlakatla fisheries is now accepting halibut and sockeye from fishers as part of the 2016 Food Fish Distribution program.

For those of you who didn't get the chance to watch the Metlakatla drone, the Metlakatla Fisheries Program, with the help of the Skeena Area Marine Research Collaborative, completed the first stage of an eulachon predator study using drone technology this spring. Metlakatla Fisheries staff launched a small drone from several locations in the Skeena estuary, as well as from the banks of the Skeena River, in order to search for predators such as seals, sea lions, eagles and seagulls.

The latest Metlakatla column in the Northern View, outlining the Metlakatla Fisheries Drone and Food Fish programs for 2016, can be viewed here.

The Metlakatla Stewardship Society, on behalf of the Metlakatla First Nation, filed its response to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s draft report for the Pacific Northwest LNG project on March 10.

The response includes comments regarding the conditions listed in the report and a number of conditions Metlakatla would like to see placed on the project should it proceed.

The public comment period for the draft environmental assessment of Pacific NorthWest LNG 's proposed export terminal on Lelu Island is now open until March 11, 2016. 

Metlakatla Stewardship office broke down a few of the following conditions that need to be met if the designated project is ultimately allowed to proceed. 

You can view the document here.

The Metlakatla FIsheries Department would like to kindly remind members that as food fish season is nearing, members should contact the Communications Department to update household information and to register any children who haven't been registered yet in order to receive food fish. 

To register your child you can contact Cheryl Smith by calling: (250) 624-2154 or email her at: