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Metlakatla Members, Metlakatla Aquatic Resources (MAR) has the following communal commercial fishing licences available. We are requesting applications on these 2022 Communal ATP Licenses:

1. FR 15 North Coast Crab area “B”, maximum length 12.19 meters (39.9 feet), Trap limit TBD.
-Application due: March 31st, 2022

2. FW8 Prawn, maximum vessel length 12.45 meters (40.85 feet), 300 traps, Coastwide
-Application due: March 31st, 2022

After PSP samples have come back clear on our target samples, Dundas Point is open for both butter clams and cockle harvesting! All other beaches are closed at this point. The notice will also be posted at both docks and in our offices for members. Here is the link to the official notice from DFO:

Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Fishery Notices (

Please see the attached information for an upcoming community meeting hosted by the Metlakatla Stewardship Society to discuss the Port Edward LNG project. The meeting will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 22.
The link to register is below:

Metlakatla Aquatic Resources is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Communal ATP license program. Click here to download the application and please note the application deadlines.

Hello members, we would like to let you know that the 2020 Census will be taking place November 9-December 7, 2020.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to go door to door, unless under special circumstances. Members will be able to do the census over the phone, the internet, or by filling out a paper copy which will be left in mailboxes to complete. Our assistants will be readily available to help each of you to complete forms if you have any difficulties.

Click here to review a call for members to participate in the Coast Ts'msyen Food Security Working Group. 

Please note that there will be a community meeting regarding the future of clam harvesting in the Metlakatla territory. Click here for more information.

Metlakatla Aquatic Resources invites Metlakatla fishers to apply for the 2019 ATP communal commercial licenses. If you are interested in leasing one of these licenses, please complete the application attached above, and drop the application off in person or email to or

Metlakatla Aquatic Resources (MAR) is now accepting halibut as part of the 2018 food fish distribution program.  Any fishers interested in participating this year should review the rules and regulations in this document, and leave a signed and completed copy with MAR staff.  Any band members interested in receiving halibut, please ensure that the band office has your up-to-date contact information.

Metlakatla Aquatic Resources would like to remind fishermen that the ATP salmon seine and gillnet licenses will be leased out next month.  If a band member is interested in leasing one of these licenses, please complete the application found here. More information and requirements for the program can be found here.