News Category: Governing Council

Click here to view the results of the nomination meeting for the August 28 Chief and Council election.

In order to accommodate the nomination meeting from noon to four p.m. this Thursday in Metlakatla, there will be an additional ferry leaving Prince Rupert at 11:30 a.m.

Please note that the Metlakatla Wilderness Trail will remain closed for the 2019 season.

Notice is hereby given of a nomination meeting for the 2019 Chief and Council Elections to take place on June 13, 2019. 

A complete candidate nomination package can be found here.

The Electoral Officers for the Metlakatla Election Code referendum will be available this evening from 4-8 p.m. in the Harbour Room at the Inn on the Harbour to answer any questions ahead of tomorrow's vote.

Polls open on Friday at the Band Office in Metlakatla and the Coastal Training Centre in Prince Rupert and will remain open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Members are encouraged to attend two upcoming meetings in the traditional territory. 

The Membersip Department is hosting a full day session on the Government of Canada's Collaborative Process on membership in Metlakatla on February 25 and in Prince Rupert on February 26. Click here for more information. 

The Metlakatla Lands Department invites Metlakatla members to participate in one of four upcoming community meetings in Metlakatla, Prince Rupert, Prince George and Vancouver.

For full details, please see the attached poster.

See the attached posting for information about new housing options in the community of Metlakatla.

Volunteers wanted:
We are looking for volunteer Metlakatla members experienced in the Post Secondary Education System to participate on Metlakatla’s Education Committee. The deadline for the posting is April 13.
Please contact Jeanne Leighton at or 250-628-3234 for more information or to put your name forward.
The Metlakatla Lands Department is looking for two members with an open skiff to assist with a two-day shoreline clean-up project around Metlakatla Village.
Members must be able and willing to haul shoreline debris from the beach and low water inter-tidal zone onto their skiff for transport to a central refuse bin.
Dates and times of the clean-up will depend on tides but it is expected to occur in April or May.