Metlakatla Reserve Land Use Plan Ratification Vote

The Lands Management Advisory Committee is writing to ask your participation in a ratification vote for the Metlakatla Reserve Land Use Plan dated October 2019.

Section 12.1 of the Metlakatla First Nation Land Code, states that the Land Use Plan and associated Law must be approved by a majority of Metlakatla members in a ratification vote.

The Reserve Land Use Plan applies to Metlakatla’s 10 Reserves and outlines what activities and developments we will and will not allow on our reserve lands. The Plan also identifies areas to be protected from development and proposes a review process for the Lands Department, Lands Committee, and Council to evaluate new development proposals.

To confirm, the Reserve Land Use Plan, does not define, limit or suspend any Aboriginal, treaty or other rights or freedoms that pertain now or in the future to the Metlakatla First Nation or its Members. It is about us managing our own Reserve lands in a planned way.


Land Use Plan Information Package

The Land Use Plan Information Package is available to assist you in making an informed vote. The package can be downloaded below or contact the Lands Department if you would like a hard paper copy.

(a) Cover letter from the Lands Management Advisory Committee

(b) the Land Use Plan Notice to Vote;

(c) a summary of the Land Use Plan;

(d) Metlakatla First Nation Reserve Land Use Plan – the main document which outlines how Metlakatla Reserve lands will be managed;

(e) Metlakatla Land Use Planning Law – this 2-page Law will make the Land Use Plan legally binding and will allow for enforcement where necessary to make sure everyone is following the Land Use Plan and Law that the community has voted on.


If you have any questions about the Reserve Land Use Plan, feel free to contact Philip Clement or Kiesha Pahl at the Lands Department at (250) 628-3234 Ext 2013 or or contact one of the Metlakatla Lands Management Advisory Committee members.


If you have questions about the voting process or do not receive a voting package/mail-in ballot please contact Lawrence Lewis toll free at 1-855-458-5888 or email