Regional Health Survey in Metlakatla

Metlakatla First Nation is one of 21 randomly selected communities in northern BC invited to participate in the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS), which is being conducted by the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). The RHS addresses a comprehensive range of health status, wellness and health determinant measures for First Nation communities, and provides comparability to other Canadian surveys while addressing First Nations priorities within a cultural and holistic framework. The data collected from this survey can support policy and program development, and form decision-making that reflects the needs of First Nations communities.

Forty randomly selected Metlakatla First Nation members, living on-Reserve, will be contacted asking for your participation in the survey. Surveys are conducted on a secure and password protected laptop, and we can set you up so that you complete it on your own, OR, a Data Collector will assist you in completing the survey. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential, and cannot be re-opened or traced back to individuals. There are three (3) types of surveys being conducted: (1) for children between the ages of 0-11 (for the parent/guardian to complete); (2) for youth between the ages of 12-17 (which they fill out with parental/guardian consent); (3) and for adults aged 18 and older.

This survey will be conducted on Monday September 26, 2016 & Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

There will be random selected participants in Metlakatla, if you agree to participate you will receive $25 gift card.

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