Open call for Metlakatla members! - Cumulative Effects Management Group -

The Metlakatla Stewardship Society is accepting applications from Metlakatla members to sit on the Cumulative Effect Management (CEM) Working Group.

This working group, which will be comprised of Metlakatla members and staff, will work to identify management triggers and management actions for butter clams; Food, Social and Ceremonial harvesting activity; and adequate housing for Metlakatla members. Members of the working group will provide direct input into further development of the Metlakatla CEM program, with a focus on identifying thresholds or management triggers for pilot values. Other areas for input could include identifying cultural values and indicators, the design and administration of the 2017 Metlakatla Membership Census and other cumulative effects questions that may arise.

The working group is looking for six (6) members over the age of 18 to join CEM project leaders, Simon Fraser University interns and staff of both the Metlakatla Stewardship Society and Metlakatla Governing Council on the working group. We are looking for:

  • Two (2) members with knowledge of butter clams
  • Two (2) members with knowledge of FSC activity
  • Two (2) members with knowledge of housing, both on and off reserve

Members will be chosen based on their knowledge of their respective topic, their ability to participate in a series of five (5) full-day workshops between February and September, 2017,with the goal of having representation from different age groups, genders and on-and-off-reserve members.

All members who are successful in their application will be paid a daily honorarium for each day they are required to participate in the activities of the working group at a rate determined by the Honorarium Policy. As well, they will be expected to be active participant in group discussiona and will be required to keep confidential any discussion taking place at the working group. Terms of reference for the working group are available upon request.

Any members interested in being a member of the Cumulative Effects Management Working Group is asked to express their interest, in writing, to CEM program lead Taylor Zeeg by emailing