Metlakatla Land Code side-by-side detailed summary

The Metlakatla First Nation Land Code outlines how Metlakatla will exercise its authority to govern, manage, and administer those reserve lands and resources. This document provides a “plain English” version of the Metlakatla Land Code. The left column has the proposed text of the Land Code and the right column has what the text means in simplified terms. If the Land Code text is self-explanatory, the right hand column was left intentionally blank.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Land Code please do not hesitate to contact the Metlakatla Lands Department at or (250) 628-3234 Ext 2009. Philip Clement or Kiesha Pahl will happy to discuss the Land Code with you - our goal is to ensure that members make an educated and informed vote (October 13 in Metlakatla; October 14 and 15 in Prince Rupert).

The Land Code will not be put in place unless Members approve both the Land Code and the Individual Agreement with Canada in a ratification vote. If the Land Code is approved, then Metlakatla will be governing and managing its own reserve lands and resources. 

To view the Metlakatla Land Code side-by-side detailed summary document please click here.