FSC for distribution program - Metlakatla Fisheries Program

The Metlakatla Fisheries Department is undertaking food fish distribution and asks all members to please be patient and respectful of Metlakatla Fisheries staff. We will attempt to reach out to each member on the contact list, but are working to address the food fish needs of elders, members traveling from out-of-town and members without the ability to harvest their own food fish first.

As well, many members contacted are not ready to accept fish when contacted, in which case staff will move on to the next member and return to the first person once all others have been calls, so please be prepared to process your fish when called.

This year there are fewer fishers in the program, which means boats are arriving with fish less frequently, and staggered commercial salmon openings have resulted in increased pressures as commercial fishers have less time to food fish. Also please remember that fisheries staff are involved several other projects and responsibilities in the territory.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy time of year.