Education Committee Members Wanted

The Metlakatla Education Committee (MEC) is looking for 4 Metlakatla Members to join the Committee.  Members will work cooperatively to:

  • Attend and prepare adequately for meetings whenever possible;
  • Actively participate in discussions which take place at the meetings;
  • Be familiar with and maintain the Conflict of Interest policies;
  • Be familiar with Metlakatla’s Educational funding policies and the Post-Secondary and Occupational Skills Training Manuals;
  • Other duties within the scope of this role.

We are looking for Members with a passion for educating Metlakatla Members.  Also, previous experience with post-secondary and occupational skills training is an asset.

All interested applicants can contact the Director of Human Resources for more information or a copy of the Committee’s Terms.  All applications must include a resume to highlight qualifications and/or a letter of interest – please send by October 23 to