ATP Communal License Applications Now Available

Metlakatla Members, Metlakatla Aquatic Resources (MAR) has the following communal commercial fishing licences available. We are requesting applications on these 2022 Communal ATP Licenses:

1. FR 15 North Coast Crab area “B”, maximum length 12.19 meters (39.9 feet), Trap limit TBD.
-Application due: March 31st, 2022

2. FW8 Prawn, maximum vessel length 12.45 meters (40.85 feet), 300 traps, Coastwide
-Application due: March 31st, 2022

3. FL 18 Halibut, maximum vessel length 22.86 meters (75 feet), Coastwide
-Application due: March 31st, 2022

4. FL 37 Halibut, maximum vessel length 19.99 meters (65.58 feet), Coastwide
-Application due: March 31st, 2022

The proposals need to be received in the mail, hand delivered to the MAR office, or by email by the respective due dates. The decisions on who will receive each license is be selected by the ATP committee or by Chief and Council (if needed). Metlakatla Aquatic Resources reserves the right to extend the application deadline and has no authority over the decisions made.

To download the application, click here.

Please feel to email for a different electronic format for the application form or drop in for a paper form. Our office number is (250) 622-2189 to check if we're in office.

Mailing address:
Metlakatla Aquatic Resources
P.O. Box 224
Prince Rupert, BC
V8J 3P6

Physical address:
#1 - 220 Kaien Rd, Prince Rupert
(in the industrial area between the Recycling Centre and Harbour Machining)

Email addresses:
William Beynon
Metlakatla Aquatic Resources Manager